Trend management returns

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Record Disclaimer

Our long term track record from 1998-2017 is audited by the accounting firm of Elliot, Robinson and company, LLP, Springfield Missouri.Our Track record return is calculated after the deductions of all commissions and fees by the custodian firm. Management fees were NOT deducted from the value of the audited account. Past results are not any indication or guarantee of future results. 


The Trend Management portfolio returns listed on this web page are taken from an actual cash account of Mark Brueggemann. The same account was used for the entire length of the auditing process. This account did not use margin and there was no use of options or derivatives. The advisor feels that the performance of this account adequately reflects the returns of his other equity accounts. The advisor believes in asset concentration which means the top five stocks will represent a large percentage of the accounts total assets. The IBD index is composed of 20 growth stock mutual funds as chosen by Investor's Business Daily. The S&P 500 index is an investment vehicle that will allow you to invest in the stock market with lower management and transaction fees than the cost you will incur at Trend Management, Inc.